What my 1st graders thought I’d be bringing to San Diego!


I shared with one of my first grade classes that I wouldn’t be seeing them next class, because of my traveling to the National Art Ed Convention.  I just told them quickly as they were leaving class, and their classroom teacher overheard me when she arrived to pick them up.  I thought that was it, and that maybe I’d talk to them about my trip when I saw them the week after.

When I landed in San Diego, I was greeted with a number of emails….one being from this particular classroom teacher.  She shared with me an activity they do during their morning meetings. It’s a memory game called Grandma’s trunk.  You have to repeat what your neighbor has packed before you can put an item in the trunk.  This Thursday it became Miss Hayes’ trunk!  I think they did a great job packing for me, AND I wish I had brought tons of paints, paintbrushes, and a basket of art supplies with me!

I also can’t resist a reason to make a wordle!


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