Celebrating Youth Art Month

Youth Art Month Collaborative Display

This year, the youth art month celebration that I usually participate in was moved from Worcester to Boston.  It also became a state wide exhibit, instead of just central Massachusetts.

Inspired by this change, I decided to brainstorm some ways to celebrate at school.  I didn’t want to take on a school wide show, this year though, so I had to figure out small ways to celebrate at school.

I decided to have each of my almost 500 students finish the sentence ‘Art is important to me because….” on either a blue or yellow piece of paper.  These pieces were put together on the bulletin board to spell ‘Celebrate YAM’.

Check out the bulletin board below, and the details of some of the things they wrote.  I was so impressed with the thoughtful ideas they came up with.

2014-04-30_0006 2014-04-30_0007 2014-04-30_0008 2014-04-30_0009


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