Stop Motion Animation via iPads – MAEA 2014 recap


I was fortunate enough to be chosen to present at the Massachusetts Art Education Association 2014 conference this year.  It was hosted by Mass Art in Boston, MA on November 8 & 9.

Besides presenting I also helped organize a bit of the event, which included the hospitality bags (I like to call them swag bags) and the door prizes.

For my presentation, I shared what I have learned this past year while teaching my six graders how to create stop motion animation with ipads.  The process has changed a significant amount since last year when I presented on it at the National Art Education Conference in San Diego.d

Here’s a bulleted list of what I learned:

  1. It’s easier to animate things that are laying flat on the table.  Work with gravity, not against it (Check out my prezi to see my current FREE set up)
  2. There are lots of resources online.  I like PBS Learning Media & Animation Chefs. (Check out this Drive folder for all the resources I use.  And check back often, because I continually add to it as I find things)
  3. Give the students plenty of time to play around and understand how many photos are needed for a smooth animation.
  4. Stop Motion Studio Pro is a great all in one app.  You have access to all the basics needed for animation (onion skin & adjusting the FPS being the major 2), as well as sound effects, music, and the ability to record.  Check out the free version to get a taste for the app.

Check out the resource page I shared with participants to get all the details, AND look below to see the awesome videos that were made in my hands-on session!