About Me!


Prue & Auntie MelI started this blog to share what I’m doing with all the art teachers I’ve connected with, or will connect with, in the future.  Be sure to check out my school community blog Conant Art because there are lots of great things being shared there as well!

I have been teaching elementary art in Acton, MA for 11 years.  I received my undergrad and graduate degrees in Art Education from Salem State University, and my love of a variety of materials reflect those degrees.

When I’m able to get into the studio over the last three years, I have been creating monotypes that combine my love of maps and architecture.  I also love to create many fiber creations using knitting and crocheting techniques.

I am a 2 to 1 iPad art room, and have many resources for how to use the iPads to transform how the students create and share their work.  Funding for these iPads was done in part by district grants, and through Donors Choose and a grant through the Lily Sarah Grace Fund.

I’ve presented at the 2014 Massachusetts Art Education Association conference and the 2014 & 2015 National Art Education Association conventions on how I am using iPads to ‘go beyond digital drawing’. I will soon begin the job of being a consultant for Crayola, to help them develop ways to develop a connection between technology and traditional art materials at the elementary level.

Please feel free to email me any questions, as I am passionate about sharing what I have learned.


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